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Ok, so the garden state, at least in terms of transportation infrastructure, is the worst-engineered state in the union. Period. And, that’s just ignoring the whole turn right to turn left thing, of which I’m mildly fond. For this and many other reasons, I now understand why everybody hates New Jersey. It’s terrible!

Anyhow, I’ve now ridden the world’s “fastest tallest roller coaster.” For now, anyhow, as both records will surely be beaten shortly by some other coaster. Three seconds to 128 mph was brilliant but the rest of the ride was just violent, painful, and pointless … and the wait made the whole time somewhat miserable. For that matter, the waiting in general at the park was ridiculous on a Friday. To the point that it would take two+ days to do the whole park, because the lines are just silly unless you pay the premium line-skip thing. Anyhow, after that whole Kinda Ka thing, we did Nitro, Batman, and Robin from Batman and Robin the Chiller. Nitro was the best ride, by far.