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So I was pretty scared that our power consumption was going to go nuts when we moved to the condo, as we’d:

  • Doubled the square footage of our house, yielding at least a doubling in volume along the way.
  • Gained whole-house HVAC
  • Gained A number of windows
  • Gained an electric water heater
  • Gained the power costs of our washer/dryer

The upside is:

  • Energy-saving thermostat programming
  • 1980’s-era insulation (instead of 1940’s)
  • Dual-pane windows
  • Our new TV has much lower power consumption than the old huge CRT

Surprisingly, our power bill went from about $170 to about $250, which all things considered seems like a reasonable increase. This is with us keeping our house to 80 during the day and 66 at night (it’s not that symple, as there are actually four distinct setpoints, and different weekend programming, but that’s the end result). Granted, it’s not been 90 every day, but I’m actually pretty pleased with how it worked out.

Completely unrelated, I’ve been having issues with my cable that I blame on my cable, but may be a result of the netgear “router.” As a result, I’m currently giving an attempt at m0n0wall on a soekris 4501. We’ll see what happens.