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That’s right. The boats make a routine habit of dropping me in the ocean or getting me stuck in a running state so I have to go through a complete round trip, but rather than fix them, Blizzard has added the ability to dress your character up in the next patch. So much for developer efforts on stability improvements. I’m also not pleased with the weapon swapping global cooldown. I don’t play a rogue, but my hunter is really handy when he wants to off-tank because I have a sword with +armor, +defense … and being able to switch to this quickly is a very effective strategy, I find. No more! On the other hand, since they’ve nerfed defense ratings on weapons, they’ve made this point moot.

Anyhow, I’m glad druids are getting some loving. I’m glad hunter’s pets will now be … a little more useful? I’m not sure they’ve really dealt with the hunter’s dead zone, but it is what it is. The lock changes are good too …

But they’ve implemented a dressing room … rather than … fixing the boats!

Anyhow, the real point of this all is that Blizzard has finally fixed looting. N/G rolling is now built into the game, with priority rolls to need, followed by greed rolls. Perfect. It only took them eight months to get looting right, but they’ve finally done it. Well, I say that, but it can’t be true, as there’s no mention of “ninja looting fixed.” It’s a start, though.