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Not enough cat pictures lately, I know.

Anyhow, now that we and Loki are settled into our new place, almost, it’s time to pick up another cat! The hope for this is to find a lap cat snuggle bug sort of cat, to help my bruised ego, but whatever works.

In any event, we went to DAWS today, where we’d originally picked up Loki, and visited with a number of kittens and cats. The cutest ones I saw, anyhow, were a pair of gray cats that wouldn’t stop moving, but looked to be a handful. Definitely liked to play, very active, very much never going to be a lap cat. Plus, they come in a pair, not sure we’re ready for that. Oh, and they had seven toes. It was pretty cool, as it made their feet HUGE. Anyhow, only snapped a shot of one of them:

Then, I spent some time with Patty, who was adorable. Also very rambunctious, and really likes to play, but also willing to hang out in my arms and snuggle a bit. I have the feeling she’d grow up to be quite the snuggly lovable after a few years, but the interim would be pretty rough, as she’s going to demand a lot of attention.

Anyhow, as soon as we introduced ourselves and explained what we were looking for, they recommended a 7-week kitten called Kali, a calico sight unseen, that is currently living with a young (1.5 year, just like Loki) cat, and getting along well with her. The foster family (we had one for Loki too, and she’s great) specifically wants her to go to a family that can give her some attention and have another cat so the environment isn’t too unfamiliar. Match made in heven! Anyhow, we’re trying to arrange to see her next week (will try and take photos again), and if that works out, it sounds like she’d be about perfect. She’s super-snuggly … like will sit in your lap for hours. Like, will climb into bed and stay there all night. Like … exactly what I’d like! Anyhow, more on that later, but the upside is there’s a contingency (Patty) if Kali doesn’t work out.

Another shot of Patty: