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Ok, I finally went around to creating a warcraft section so you folks who don’t care can easily ignore me. Anyhow, did our first Scarlet Monastery run today with our guild; it was fun. Granted, it didn’t have all of the entertainment value of Deadmines. I still think Deadmines is the best instance that I’ve done, followed closely by Gnomeregan.

Anyhow, what I was getting to is our priest said “Don’t worry Sponty [my warlock] — nuke, I’ve got you.” I was tentative at first but quickly became accustomed to first cursing half a dozen mobs so they wouldn’t run and then becoming a hellfire faucet — I nuke, she healed. In effect, I quickly became the priest’s weapon. This sort of genius use of the warlock as a weapon was a revelation; my purposes were crowd control (only lost two, doing both sides) and AE damage on large mobs. This was especially clear after killing the boss on the library side of things (I lose track of who it was we were killing) when what looked like several dozen scarlets then stormed the place. Three seconds of hellfire and it was all over. Brilliant!