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To paraphrase a brilliant and often misunderstood friend of mine, “Luxury isn’t owning the Ferrari — it’s having a car service on retainer to drive you to Manhattan whenever you want to go.” Taking a page from this book, we’re trying a new experiment in the condo. I’d mentioned this briefly a few days ago, but we have hired a cleaning service to come each week and keep the condo in shape. The price is far greater than I’d imagine, but on the other hand, I am hoping that the extra time it will buy us will be worth the expense.

It’s funny, because I get two reactions to the idea. First, there are those that have a maid service and to them it’s a no-brainer. Quotes like “I don’t know how we managed before we had a maid service” and “it’s the best money you will ever spend” are quite common. Those who don’t care about cleanliness or just clean stuff themselves counter with looks of insanity and balk at the price.

Either way, we’ll know in a few weeks whether it’s worth it in terms of time saved and stress relief.