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As Kottke pointed out, Amazon now offers adult toys. I think this is fantastic, as it brings even more accessibility and removes even more of the cultural taboo against sexuality.

Anyhow, this isn’t one of my crazy left-wing rants. It’s far more enetertaining. First, visit our friend, the Briana Banks Vibrating Vagina & Ass UR3 (defunct). Ok, swell enough. Go ahead, take a look. It’s Amazon, it’s safe! Now, this was picked at random, so I imagine all of these toys look like this … and it’s one thing for a “personal massager.” God knows nobody would actually use a Hitachi magic wand as a back massager, but we’ll pretend for a moment. Anyhow, at the end of the day, a vibrating realistic vagina/anus is going to be a stretch to have any “civilized” purpose. Given this, first off, the idea of people adding comments is a bit terrifying. It’s one thing if it’s a matter of “this vibrating jelly monstrosity is really well built, way better than my Flimsy Vibrating Anus 3010 and can withstand hours of…” It’s going to be … interesting to see what people have to say about these things.

Here’s the point of this article, however. There are a few simple words under the product picture that leave me in a state of horror:

“Share your own customer images.”