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I have started The Decalogue,, ten fifty-five minute films, each (at a superficial level) on one of the ten commandments. I have only finished the first film, but so far the vivid imagery is hard to escape. What was even more chilling is that I had sketched out a movie script once of a very similar inclination, replacing faith with love, but centered around the contrast between one firmly grounded in logic and reason, and one swept away by the emotions and love, and how the relationship ultimately lead to the suicide of one of its members. The part I struggled with was which would kill themselves, and what sort of change would come over the other side. Not being able to solve this, the script rotted, and sits in brittle form on my file server, never to be touched again. This is a different story, to be sure, but it was very strange seeing a lot of the same themes played out on screen.

But I digress; the execution at play in this film far exceeds anything I could have pulled off myself, by any stretch of the imagination. Kieslowski does an amazing job of using only the dialog and imagery necessary, making the film chilling in its succinctness but fuilfilling in its completeness.

I withhold judgement on the entire work until I’ve finished the remaining ten pieces, but to this point I am most impressed.