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I’m no longer (not yet?) at that point in my life where I have to believe everything happens for a reason and so forth, but I’m hoping this is all working out the way it’s supposed to. Drove out to Bethel again to visit with Kali … and Sarah found her way from Middlebury as a giant hassle to her as well, as mentioned, and would take her home if she was everything described. Sat there till about fiteen minutes after our appointed time at which point one of the counselors came in and said that the foster family had just called, and that they’d had to rush her to the vet.

I’m glad that the best thing for the kitten is being done, but I’ve been overcome with this stupid feeling of loss. I think I had my hopes up so high for this evening, and I wasn’t really prepared for a letdown. It’s one of those things that I think I was better at when I was younger, in a strange twist of typical maturities and so forth. In any event, they said they’d give us a call. We’ll see.

Spent some more time with Patty as well, and I really like her … but she has too much energy for me, she’s really interested in playing; even after being let out for several hours before we came to “wear her out” she was an unstoppable bundle of general disinterest in my direction. I know partially that’s just kittens, and I’m ok with that, but I have my doubts that this will be a cat that grows up to be a lap cat; the litmus test of holding the cat upside down and seeing if it’s comfortable in your arms that way yielded a resounding fail.