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Yeah, so one of the minor downsides of the cleaning service was that they lost track of where the cat was yesterday. Usually she hides under the dining room table or the couch, but since they were vacuuming everywhere and running around (there were four people cleaning), she apparently found a new place to hide. For fear of locking her in a room without water/food/litterbox, I had them leave the bedroom and upstairs bathroom open in case she was under the bed or something similar.

Loki, you see, has never been allowed to be in our master bedroom in the new house, at all. So, this must have been quite the treat for her. She celebrated by hiding under the down comforter, which seemed to make her quite happy.

So, I got home, kicked her out of the bedroom, and all was well.

Well, until 4:00, when she decided that she was going to cry until we let her into the bedroom. It was crying like we’ve never heard before, some sort of combination of meowing and crying like when she was in heat (the shelter underestimated her age because of her size as a runt, so she did go through heat twice before being fixed). It was very persistent, as if something was wrong, so we went out and checked on her (she immediately snuck into the bedroom, obviously), and checked the house, but all seemed well. After that we went back to bed, and she immediately resumed this, and started pawing/scratching on the door and carpet right ouside the bedroom. After checking on her again in the office (where she started repeating the same behavior on the master bathroom door, I locked her in the room on the main floor with her litterbox/bed/etc. It was all very strange though… An example of what a taste of something that’s forbidden will do to a cat, I guess?