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Names and so forth changed, emphasis added…

(14:32:02) OtherParty: hello sorry to bother, but is this aaron tubbs?
(14:32:08) Me: It is.
(14:32:27) Me: Hello (W). :)
(14:32:40) OtherParty: ah excellent, so a really long while ago you worked with me
(14:32:51) OtherParty: haha you know my name, such a surprise
(14:32:56) Me: Indeed.
(14:33:15) OtherParty: this was my last recourse i couldn’t find your email address unfortunately
(14:34:55) OtherParty: well you’re probably working, so can i get your email address to write to you?
(14:35:06) Me: (my email)
(14:35:48) OtherParty: excellent thanks, i have a long story involving patents and what not to ask you about
(14:36:28) Me: Sounds like a party — where do I fit in?
(14:37:44) OtherParty: remember the scheduler algorithm?
(14:38:06) Me: I do.
(14:38:24) OtherParty: alright the people who had us work on it want to patent it
(14:39:50) Me: Curious.
(14:41:31) OtherParty: 1) they need to list you as the inventors, so want to check if you’re fine with that 2) they poked at me for yours and chris’s contact info, so I want to check with both of your first to see if you’re fine with that 3) and asked for our employment contracts, i’ve found chris’ but not yours. Do you mind signing the old contract again?
(14:42:14) Me: you can’t find my old one?
(14:42:22) OtherParty: beats me where (X) put it
(14:42:35) OtherParty: plus now (company) is just me and my contacts
(14:42:49) OtherParty: so alot of stuff got shuffled around over the years
(14:42:58) Me: No more (Y)?
(14:43:23) OtherParty: (Y) gives me his opinions from time to time, im still friends with him and (X)
(14:43:32) OtherParty: but they grew up and fond real jobs
(14:43:33) Me: Curious.
(14:43:44) Me: You can send the contract out, but I’ll have to go over it with my lawyer/etc and I can make no promises.
(14:43:49) OtherParty: sure
(14:44:21) OtherParty: i intend to send you the old one i have in a word doc for you
(14:44:22) Me: I’m guessing the original company has no interest in royalty payments to the “inventors”
(14:44:26) Me: :)
(14:44:28) OtherParty: no
(14:44:57) OtherParty: they’re being real pains about it, since they need to file by the 9/1 and told me just today about the employment contracts
(14:45:12) OtherParty: and the other bits
(14:45:32) Me: Fair enough. What’s their contingency plan if I don’t sign said contract/etc?

Now, there’s no chance that I’m going to forge an old contract of employment, especially since I like my current job and don’t really want to screw with that. On the other hand, I don’t want some random company getting pissed at me and filing a lawsuit. On the other hand, I have no interest in dropping several hundred dollars to ask a lawyer what to do in this situation.