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So I spent the day recruiting at a job fair, which came with the normal pains and pleasures. It was a good time, and I hope that we get some good result from it in the long run — we’ll see. There were a lot of the things you would expect, including the chemical engineers turning their CV in for a software engineering job because it seemed they were turning their resumes into every single booth they could find. I realized very quickly that though I am socially inept and a poor salesman, I seem to have an effortless time selling our company, which was somewhat surprising. That said, there were a few things that weren’t obvious to me from the start that I thought I should share:

  1. This one isn’t intuitive, but bear with me. Your nametag needs two things on it — your major, and your year. I don’t actually care what your name is, I care about your major, and I care if you’re an intern candidate, or a full-time candidate. Your name is on your resume. You’re going to tell it to me when you introduce yourself. You don’t have a resume? Next, please. I know this is not intuitive, but when trying to spot people out of a crowd to pull out and interview on the fly, it is quite difficult to do so when there are fifteen things on a nametag, or worse yet just a name. I promise, it will be easier for companies to spot you and target you this way, and that’s a Good Thing.
  2. I expected my feet, my knees, and my back to hurt. I did not imagine how much my throat would hurt at the end of the day. It does not matter how much you drink. It does not matter at all, you will suffer, and it will hurt.
  3. Please, white paper or linen. No marble backgrounds. No colors. No borders. Legible font size. Use two pages rather than shrinking your font, or better yet, make your content count in one page. If you’re entry level, chances are you don’t need two pages. Check spelling. Check grammar. Check punctuation. Random commas and semicolons on random lines … just don’t make any sense. Check spelling, check grammar, and check punctuation again.