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So, last night Wiki spent most of the first three hours I was trying to sleep playing with her new favorite toy — the shower curtains in the master bathroom, doing a lovely job of keeping me awake. Then, at 4 in the morning, Loki decided she was lonely and started raising hell just outside the bedroom door, crying, meowing, and so forth, with no end in sight. I eventually went out and pet her and then put her in the main floor bathroom with her litter/food/water, as she was not willing to settle down. This morning I’m on the way out, and just as I crest the stairs from the bedroom to leave I smell cat urine. I have no idea where, but somewhere on the upstairs landing, stairs, or downstairs landing, she took a ripe piss, so I did my best to spray the entire thing with enzymatic odor neutralizers and urine deterrents, but this behavior is not at all like her. This of course caused me to get to work later than I’d hoped, smelling of rubbing alcohol and cat urine.