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For a few weeks/months, Chase has been “remodeling” their online banking website, with several sections “temporarily unavailable” during the work, and this and that. Now, I’m a pretty patient person, so usually I come back after a few days to pay my bills, for example, and things work out. But this has been going on for weeks, and I’m tired of it. In short, when I try to go to bill payment, an error message pops up that my session (which I started less than a minute ago) has expired, and due to security reasons I’ve been logged out.

So I try to use the online feedback tool to send a message — it lets me type my “hey, this doesn’t work, on mac, on windows, on linux, in IE, in firefox, in Opera, can you please fix it and let me know, m’kay?” message, and when I submit the message (I type pretty fast, it was done in less than two minutes and all), "there has not been any recent activity and you have been logged out. In both cases I can still use other portions of the website, so I’m obviously not really logged out.

This is why I hate web redesigns. They’re more often than not done out of boredom or some figuring by the corporate marketing goons that “this will improve our revenues.” Bullshit. Making your website work, always, will improve your revenues. I’m sorry Chase, but if you don’t have the talent, don’t screw around with a redesign until you do. Roll it back to two months ago with the old ugly and functional design with which I have never had such a problem.