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Each of the following is a distinct page; I’ve combined any steps that do anything dynamically on the same page.

  1. Go to http://www.chase.com and log in
  2. You are taken to a “Loading your accounts…” splash screen, for which you must wait to finish.
  3. You are taken to the account center.
  4. Click Payments & Transfers
  5. Click Account Transfers
  6. Click Make a Transfer
  7. Select “Transfer from” account from dropdown, click Next
  8. Select “Transfer to” account from dropdown, select ammount, select deliver by date, which is beneath the hard-coded “send by” debate. God knows what the fuck that means; the help says "The deliver By date is the date on which you want your transfer completed. When you change it, it changes the hard-coded “Send by” date. This user interface is horrid. I think it’s because they are trying to leverage the online bill payment components in the fund transfer screens. Re-use is only the correct approach if you can do it right, children. Click next.
  9. Almost Finished! Click “Submit” to confirm.
  10. Confirmation is shown.

Now, admittedly, from the front page, you can locate the “Payments and Transfers” menu in the right pane and then select “Make a transfer” and bypass a few of the steps, but this “wizard approach” of next/next/next/submit/finish is not the right user interface paradigm for online banking. How should this work?

  1. Go to http://www.chase.com and log in. There’s no splash screen, just load straight to the account center home page.
  2. From the account page, click the “transfer funds between accounts” link
  3. From the drop-down (or better yet, just a bullet list), select the from and to accounts, the ammount, and the date of the transfer. Click submit.
  4. Transfer confirmation is displayed. If something is wrong, you can now abort the transfer (it’s on a 5-minute idiot delay) or cancel a pending transfer. Confirmation is unnecessary.

Three steps. That’s all it takes, because this work can all be done on a single page. Chase, your users aren’t stupid, don’t treat them like they are.

In case you were wondering, online bill payment is just as bad. It used to be better, you would select “pay bills” and you’d get a complete list of all of your bill recipients with an “amount” and “send payment date” for each. A single page to send all payments was all it took. Now it also has fallen into this “wizard” approach to banking, preceeded by apage where you have to select each account which you’d like to involve in the wizard via a checkbox. Wizards are the worst user inteface design idea ever implemented, but there is at least a crude argument for them in setting up complicated pivot tables in Excel; for transferring money from point A to B, they make no sense.