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Yay for travel! I finished Charles Stross’ Singularity Sky today, which I found an entertaining light sci-fi read. I’ve stayed away from this genre since finishing Vinge’s books, and it’s nice to come back to somebody else toying with the idea of singularities. I find Stross to be a little forward in his trying to explain technological and social singularities, as if he were trying to explain a bit too much; trying to have a basis for the singularity of one thing, but then trying to tie it all back into a neat bow with routers and switching technology of the Internet as its source strikes me as a little silly. Overall, I find Vinge’s treatment of singularities far more ambiguous, and far more engaging. That said, Stross writes a lovely space opera, with the usual villainy, themes, and triumph of the heroes in the end, and for that, one can’t be disappointed. I’ll probably grab the sequel, Iron Sunrise, next time I’m feeling like some light sci-fi, but I’d really just rather Vinge released another of his magical novels. 6/10.