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Nana died early in the afternoon; all the kids made it. My dad got to spend at least an hour sitting with her while her eye was still open, and that’s all I can hope for. It’s going to take some logistical tomfoolery to get there since Sarah’s gone to CA and I’m gone to CA next week, but we’ll get there.

I went out to run some errands, and happened to stop by a custard shop advertising pumpkin pie custard. Pumpkin pie was my favorite dessert that Nana made, so I thought it seemed appropriate. The girl inside seemed perturbed that I was waiting for my three cents back in change. I’m sorry, I really wasn’t thinking about it, it was all just mechanical.

“How are you today?” is the most asinine greeting ever. I need to revisit this at some point when I’m not in such a charged mood.

Against my better judgement, while out I also purchased Robert Jordan’s latest Wheel of Time novel. I felt like reading something that didn’t require any amount of thought or consideration. I now read that it at least moves the plot along a bit (though nowhere near conclusion), which will be a stark contrast with the last half dozen or so books.