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My vet just called me and said “Hey, we got a note from the emergency vet last night that Wiki pulled some of her staples, could you give me a call back and let me know how she’s doing? We want to make sure she’s ok.” That was the coolest moment of the day.

I love places that really care about your pets and their best interests. My doctor was rather concerned about the fact that this kitten had managed to tear her staples out (“it takes quite a determined/stubborn kitten to pull that off, they’re not easy to remove”), and wanted to check for signs of infection or further damage. It works out well that I’m boarding both of the cats while we’re gone, as they’ll be able to keep an eye on her. I suppose I could be all materialistic and say “gosh, with the amount of money we’ve dumped at the vet in the last four weeks, they better be calling us” but I really don’t feel that way — it seems like genuine concern, just like the vet techs seemed generally sad about Wiki’s snuffling and stuffy nose when she’s boarded.

But, this story has a downside as well. My doctor is also concerned that this respiratory infection has been persistent through four rounds of antibiotics, and is going to prescribe a course of Zithromax. The astute reader will recall that this is the fancy what I was on for Lyme’s disease after the initial antibiotics lost their efficacy mid-treatment and I started regressing. I’ll have to get the prescription filled at a pharmacy, as vets don’t normally carry this stuff (read: this is going to cost several hundred dollars).

I’m beginning to think pet insurance would [have] be[en] a good idea. I never thought I’d get to that point. Unfortunately, all of the policies I quoted online had a rider for pre-existing conditions. Too late.