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Wolfgang Puck’s in ORD was my lunch today. The service was horrid, despite the place only being half-full. It took me ten minutes to get a drink, and fifteen minutes to get a bill (never once an offer of a refill or other drink) after I’d finished eating. The food itself was ok, but nothing incredible; my pizza was underdone. 3/10.

Vault energy drink from Coke strikes me as a funny marketing joke. It’s just Mello Yellow repackaged in a green bottle and pretending to be an energy drink. Here’s the kicker though — it’s got nothing that the other energy drinks have, other than caffeine. And it tastes like Mello Yellow. A way to spend no money on R&D andd come away with a steal due to marketing, I suspect. Their goals to eat away the Mountain Dew market will surely be foiled. Half-assed and uninteresting, it gets another 3/10.