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I visited In-N-Out today. I am now a believer, and I know what all of you have been talking about. It’s clear from the start that this is a dedicated operation. One burger. One cheeseburger. One double cheese double burger. Maybe a side of fries. Maybe a soda. Maybe a milkshake. These are your choices. Fries are being cut and fried in front of your eyes. The restaurant is clean. Really clean. Everything tastes excellent. The buns even taste excellent. A perfect meal, for less than $5. Please God, move them out east. 10/10.

In other news, I’ve come to conclude that the lower bay area is a weird composite of Cape Cod, New Jersey, and New York. I think I like it. I like it much better with the sun out than when it’s dark, anyhow. I’ve not been to downtown San Francisco, nor will I likely go this trip, but I’m ok with that. I’m a sucker for curvy roads, elevation, and sea spray. Our offices out here are pretty too, though it was strange showing up at 7:30 and being the only car in the entire parking lot. Everything is a little more laid back.

My rental car is a Chevy Cobalt LT. It is so much better than a Dodge Stratus I could cry. This isn’t to say it’s a great car, of course. I can hardly see out the back, and my peripheral vision is almost entirely blocked beside and behind me, due to the horrible window design and elevated rump on the thing. I practically have to lean my head out the window to check my left blind spot. The user inteface is suspect, and was not intuitive with the lights off, but everything works well enough. The tiny little engine manages to be punchy, though being front wheel, the handling is of course vile. Brakes are mushy and communicate nothing except that there’s more pedal movement ahead. The automatic transmission is the most surprisingly agile slushbox I’ve used outside a BMW, Porsche, or Mercedes. No, really. I know it has less cogs and all, and its job isn’t nearly as intense, but the thing downshifs faster than I’d ever expect in a cheap piece of junk, popping out of overdrive on a whim, and just a little shove throws it two cogs down into an acceleration gear, and it does so fast. Marvelous! 6/10.