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As I mentioned before, I’ve had problems with my sinuses when diving. Where this gets to be a real problem is that I can’t fly without taking a substantial amount of sudafed, and even when I do, it’s never without pain.

So today, after a CT scan and a few endoscopies, it’s been determined that my whole sinus system is basically a clusterfuck. It’s full of obstructions, the nasties of chronic sinusitis, a deviated septum (the one thing relatively normal that’s wrong with me), some random air cavities that aren’t normal, polyp growths, and so forth.

The end reuslt is that while there is a minor possibility that surgery would clean most of the problems up (thorugh half a dozen or so distinct procedures), that the risks aren’t worth it. This is especially true for the work that would have to be done to clear obstructions and embryonic defects in my frontal sinuses, which would involve extensive work and would put me at moderate risk for both brain damage and surgery-caused problems at least as severe as the “fix.” As such, my doctor cannot justify this sort of plan of treatment.

The upside is that I don’t have any brain tumors. The radiologists threw in some pictures of my brain for free (ok, probably not for free) along with the sinuses. I got to keep the x-rays, so now I have great conversation pieces for a party. Maybe I can get them blown up and make an art exhibit.

Oh, and I can never dive again. Ever. It’s just too risky.

I guess this just gets thrown into the pile of random crap wrong with Aaron, along with unequal length legs, random inexplicable chest pains, and diminished hearing in my right ear. It could be worse though, and I’m lucky that none of these things are life-threatening.

But this is a rather pointless entry, so I thought I’d spice it up a bit. After all, one should never talk of politics, religion, or one’s health. While at the doctor, the room next to me consisted of a lady who was having earwax removed from her ears that had hardened in place; this involved the use of softening drops that casued the softening and expansion of said wax, folloed by vacuum extraction after several weeks of such treatment. Apparently this “feels like golfballs in my ears” and is “more painful than childbirth.” The moral of the story is you should never clean your ears with q-tips.