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I Heart Huckabees was interesting. This one has been on my Netflix queue for quite some time, and has sat in our house a month before we got around to watching it. I think to some extent, we can all identify with the film’s existential questions, and whimsical approach to finding an answer. The film had me laughting at its absurdity at times, but overall I would not consider it particularly insightful or humorous.

I step back and think a bit, and I know we covered existentialism in high school. Back then I don’t think I cared or payed much attention, and just recited my way through the exams involving it. This had a large part to do with my lack of an existential dilemma at the time. I don’t really feel like I was concerned with meaning back when I was in high school, any of that sense of purpose was more designed by progress than philosophy.

Now, none of that makes any sense, but what I’m getting at is that I guess I “get” the film now more than I would have a decade ago, yet I find it lackin as there’s not enough meat to chew on. If you are one to treat the film as a lighthearted humorous romp, it’s not a bad film. If you are searching for meaning, or just an exploration of one searching for meaning, I suspect you’ll finish disappointed.