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I’ve ranted about insurance a few times before. Now onto another related topic: prescriptions.

I’m on a drug for ten days. My doctor sees me after seven days, and decides “damn, this drug is a good idea, I’ll write an extension for Aaron, and have him take a month’s worth, since I think this is what he needs.” Doctor writes a prescription extension, which I deliver to CVS. Mind you, this isn’t me trying to load up on tons of oxycontin so I can grind it up into a powder and snort it; this is just an antibiotic. I have no motivation to get more than I need, and I hate taking the things to begin with.

“You can’t get this filled for another three days.”

“My doctor just wrote an extension to my prescription, so I would be able to take this for a full month course.”

“The insurance won’t pay for it.”

“So if my doctor had instead decided to prescribe a full month’s worth of the drug at the first point, this wouldn’t have been a problem?”

… “That’s correct.”

“Do you see my confusion here?”

“The insurance won’t pay for it.”

“No, I didn’t suppose you would.”

Or, on another occasion:

“I’m dropping off an extension for this steroid; I don’t need to pick it up now, but my doctor has extended this prescription for another three months.”

… five minutes of computer tomfoolery pass

“The insurance won’t pay for it yet.”

“That’s fine, I’m just dropping it off.”

“Well, we don’t work that way.”

“Just add it to my existing prescription, and I’ll pick it up next when insurance will pay for it again. Out of curiosity, what will that date be?”

… five minutes of computer tomfoolery pass

“That will be on 12th.”


I come in on the 14th.

“Uh, your insurance won’t pay for that until the 16th.

“Why the fuck can’t you people get this right?”

Ok, I didn’t say that, but I wanted to. These are just imbeciles at the whim of their computer gods, telling them what they can and cannot do.

From now on, I’ll just hold my prescriptions until they’re due, since nobody can seem to keep them straight. When I called to get a refill on both of the above, they couldn’t even find the prescriptions, and eventually were able to find the slips of paper they had filed away (without bothering to put them in the computer), and start yet another insurance hassle. Or, since we’re dual covered, maybe I’ll submit every other prescription under my wife’s insurance, just so

On second thought, there’s probably something illegal about that because I’m filing on a secondary coverage before my primary coverage.

Speaking of which, I’ve got a half dozen outstanding claims that have been processed through my primary insurer, paid at 70% of 50% (the adjusted “fair” rate), and then I resubmitted to the secondary insurer, complete with copies of the original receipts, the original claim form, and a fully filled claim form for the secondary insurer. The secondary insurer, two months later (two months after the return of the claim from the primary insurer) returns its claim adjustment saying they can’t pay anything until they receive the coordination of benefits information from the primary insurer. Apparently four months is not enough time for one insurance company to talk to the other. I grow rather tired of the whole thing.

So, the medical insurance industry is a clusterfuck. The prescription drug coverage plans are a mess, and CVS is a bunch of mindless drones. I suppose this isn’t really news, but I wanted to get it off my chest.