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Sunday we went to the New York Botannical Garden in the Bronx. It was a lovely afternoon weather-wise, and we arrived a couple of hours before the park closed. This made the light a little dim for most photographs (with most of my glass at f/2.8 or slower, and no ring light), so I had to push the ISO pretty high to get clean shots. That said, the 20D still amazes me from time to time, in how the amount of noiqse at high ISO is quite tolerable.

But I digress; we had a lovely time walking around the conservatory, visiting exhibits for the rainforests, desert, fruit trees, and a Japanese autumnal garden.

After that, we took an ambling walk around the grounds, cutting back through the forest trail, and ending up in the gift shop, where Sarah was pleasantly surprised with a myriad of hand-blown bird ornaments (she collects such things, you see).

After that we headed to the cafe, but it was a disappointment as it seemed to be shutting down (well, and it would have been Starbucks anyhow), and went on our way.

Overall, it was a lovely place to visit; if you enjoy plants, or gentle walks in gardens, I have to recommend it to you — definitely worth the trip.