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We had a pleasant weekend, spending Saturday lounging around, playing Warcraft, and visiting the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium. I think I’ve probably talked on this before, but I’m always confused with the Norwalk aquarium has to spend so much effort to attract people with things unrelated to the sound or aquatics. The biggest billings these days seem to be for the I-Max features and their dinosaur ride.

Half of their aquatic exhibits are dying or poorly maintained, but I understand why. There’s no draw in seeing the sea bass of Long Island Sound. The draw is in touching stingrays, riding a ride, and watching a movie that has nothing to do with aquariums. Like most adventures of things past, I don’t think kids today don’t really have the patience for such things.

This reminds me of the wonderful New Bedford Whaling Museum. It was in fantastic shape, to be fair, but most of the exhibits were of interest to people over 20, and the kids who I saw were anxious and wanted to go see the movie, as explorations of the use of whales in the fashion industry had very little to hold their attention.

I still love the place, and I love to see the aquatic life and so forth, but I’m left wishing that people could just appreciate things for their original purpose, and not be drawn to something like the aquarium only as a diversion in preparation for a feature on something completely unrelated. Silly me.