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So we went and saw Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire today. It was ok. The real problem is fundamental to the nature off the challenge — this book is too long for one movie, and any attempt to reduce it to less than four hours of movie guarantees something is going to be neglected. In this case, it’s character development — there is none. Most of the interesting colour characters from the novel are lucky if they receive a single line in the film. Huge expanses of pages are reduced to a few seconds of film, or ignored altogether (“Hi, we’re at the world cup, oh my god, run from the death eaters!”).

In the end, it does have its dark bits, but it doesn’t have the artistic class of the last film. Instead, it’s a pure action film, that proceeds constantly with frenetic glee. It feels like this:

Five minutes of action
10 seconds of transision
Five minutes of action
10 seconds of transition

You get the idea. They could really make a second film “what happened in-between the action” to cover things like … well, quidditch. relationships, character development, and a whole mess of other fun. The director didn’t do a bad job, but the approach was incomplete. 6/10.