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So I started talking about this a couple of days ago, and things have gotten worse. First, Vonage managed to, over the course of six months, completely screw up my phone number transfer from my old residence to my new residence. It took them six months to figure this out, after which point they asked me to inquire with my old carrier as to what class of service my phone number is under. My phone number isn’t under any class of service anymore, because somebody else other than me purchased it in the half a year since I initiated my perfectly normal and legal and straightforward number transfer request, only to have Vonage completely screw it up.

Since a few days ago, I’ve found my Vonage just plain does not work. I played with the router a bit, and had no luck, even plugged it directly into the intarweb, instead of leaving it in its own little private DMZ hell. Nothing. I go to file a support claim, and I can’t log in, my password doesn’t work. I request a new password. I can’t file an online complaint because their website refuses to serve me if I don’t have flash.

FUCK FLASH. Your website needs to work even if I don’t have JaveScript or Flash.

Long story short, my VoiP telephone adapter (a router with a little bit of extra crap on it) does not fully initialize. I pointed this out to their tech support. “Please log into the router at address” … I can’t log into the router if it does not give me an IP address. I had to trade three emails back and forth before their goon in India would acknowledge that I wasn’t in fact getting an IP address from their device, and as such it was impossible to manage it.

Bah, what a pointless rant. What I’m ultimately getting at is:

  • Vonage tech support is in India, and is incapable of doing anything other than sending form letters.
  • Vonage has little faith that any of their customers have a brain, and actually read the emails coming to them, and actually followed the directions.
  • Vonage likes to discourage email tech support, and encourage phone support. This is lovely until you don’t have a phone.
  • Flash is a lovely visual aide, and should be entirely optional.
  • Linksys makes extremely shitty hardware. Even on a high capacity UPS, with adequate cooling, and no power cycling, their hardware just gives up. I’ve seen this with their routers, hubs, and switches before, and it’s certainly true with their VoiP adapters.

I wish there was just a way I could install the VoiP data into my motorola cable modem, which has all of that hardware/firmware on board to begin with, and bypass the need to have a segmented network and another plastic box. I digress.

Despite not having service for upwards of a week, I suspect my arguments to be reimbursed for that time without service will fall on deaf ears. They’re sending a replacement telephone adapter, which will probably work for another 3-4 months before failing. Then we get to start this fun all over again.