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Amazingly enough, a repairman has actually called me as of today to look at the hole in our ceiling that we’ve been living with since we moved in in June. Granted, it’s just to inspect and provide a quote, and he will actually repair at a later date (surely several months down the road), but it’s the first sign of progress to actually removing this unsightly friend of ours with which we’ve grown so close. So, after five months, we have a new roof (yay), there’s a chance the ceiling will be patched (tentative yay), and after that we just need all of the screens that were destroyed during the repainting of the building’s exterior, a side effect of re-roofing the place, to be done … and then the house will be in good shape again.

At which point the water heater will surely explode and destroy both levels of the condo (as it’s upstairs, right in the middle of the unit).