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Continuing the tradition of posting my christmas tree on the web, I’m here to post this year’s Christmas tree:

After problems with circuit burnouts that couldn’t be solved by replacing bulbs, we trashed last year’s tree and got an imitation fir this year. Maybe next year we’ll try the real deal. The cats have been crawling all through it, despite no end to spraying it with stuff that is designed to dissuade them. The appeal of doing something that will piss off their owners far outweighs the sting of garlic and cayenne pepper, I guess.

Anyhow, we ended up trying the LED light thing, and ended up with blue ones, because they were out of white. Ended up with only three strands of blue ones, because they were low of them. It was an interesting experiment. They’re far more intense, but the glow isn’t the same … and they have the whole oscillation thing going on from the whole being a diode thing and only accepting half the wave… Anyhow, at night, it looks like this:

I think next year I’ll get a half dozen white strands again, but this was certainly interesting.