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(in Westfall)

[1. General] [L24 Player] WTS [Light Armor Kit], PST
[1. General] [L60 Player] WTB [Small Egg]s
[1. General] [Me] How much are you paying?
[1. General] [L60 Player] Learn2Read, he's selling.
[1. General] [Me] uh, suck my [profanity filter]?
[Random L30 Player] Reported to GM
[1. General] [L60 Player] What's your problem, he's clearly selling?
[1. General] [Me] You said 'WTB [Small Egg]s'.  I think you're trying to scam young players without their realizing that such things are worth several gold for the next few hours.
[1. General] [L60 Player] I don't know what you're talking about.  I think you're weird.  The guy clearly said he was selling something.
to [Random L30 Player] ... If I'm offending your sensibilities, there is a filter in the interface options, as well as the /ignore functionality.
[Random L30 Player] If you read your EULA, it says you aren't allowed to be mean.  I'll make sure you get banned.  Sent another note.  Done.

My mind just boggles at this stuff. Not the L60 trying to exploit the noobs, that’s just par for the course. But it’s like, the game has a vulgarity filter built in. It also has the ability to blanket ignore people that offend you. Obviously, “I’m telling mommy” is the best mechanism available to users.

I mean, people like to pretend MMORPGs are social communities, and not just games that happen to have nondeterministic features. But if this were really a social environment (and maybe this is the point of playing on a RP server), then social problems, such as my vulgarity, would be solved with social responses. It’s just like if somebody ninja loots, you don’t report them to a GM. A GM shouldn’t care. You’ve found a ninja looter. Put them on your /ignore or hated list, add a note to the realm forums or your guild do-not-group list, and then move on with your life. Quite frankly I wish the community was more virulent and troublesome, because dealing with a bunch of 12-year-olds that can’t type, play their character, or understand a language gets on my nerves after a while, and having the weak relentlessly harassed and beaten would make the game far more pleasant.

A GM should deal with problems like “Hey, the fucking boat just dumped me in deep water again. Can you n00bs actually fix this?” Of course, with them getting constant “X just called me a wanker” complaints, it’s no wonder that far more fundamental features of the game are in shambles.

Though, I will admit, I had a perverse glee at the thought that if Blizzard banned me, I could write a nasty rant here about it, and then I’d have a good excuse for finally breaking my addiction.