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I have a friend who sometimes has problems getting up in the morning. This is due in large part to forgetting to set an alarm. I think the solution to this problem is trivial, so I’m wondering if anybody has seen such a thing out there yet.

The basic idea is that you first give an alarm clock awareness of dates, at least to the extent that it can tell which day of the week it is. Then, you can either provide a 7-day alarm calendar, or a 5-2 calendar, or a 5-1-1 for those that go to church. The reasoning goes that most people get up at the same time on the weekdays, but may get up at different times (or may not use an alarm) on weekends. In terms of functionality, getting the 7-day model instead of the 5-2/5-11 model allows for differential pricing and all that jazz.

In any event, the scheduling bit is just the groundwork. The real innovation of the device is that it defaults to on rather than off. Thus, in order for the alarm clock to not wake you up at the normal time, one would have to apply the disable the night before the alarm would be scheduled to go off. Planning on calling in sick on Monday? Sunday night you hit the “don’t wake me up tomorrow” button, and all is well. Fall asleep drunk at 4:00? The alarm doesn’t forget, and launches you into the conscious portion of your hangover at 5:30 on Monday.

For those situations when one needs to get up at a different time than usual, they just need to activate a one-day override of the schedule, in order to accommodate their change in plans. In general, this always-on mentality of this alarm clock prevents people from “forgetting to set an alarm” and requires effort to avoid, as opposed to effort to utilize.

Does such a thing exist?