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There is a fascinating article about the idea of ending menstruation forever. More interesting are two direct quotes from said article, first, some trivia (unconfirmed) that I had not realized, related to the idea that menstruation on the pill is not really menstruation at all, but an arbitrary chemical deprivation:

In fact, the reason women on oral contraceptives bleed at all is because of one man, a devout Catholic named Dr. John Rock, the co-inventor of the pill. Forty-five years ago, Rock determined that if he could design the pill to replicate the menstrual cycle of the average woman of child-bearing age — 28 days — he might succeed in convincing the Church to endorse his invention as a natural form of birth control. Despite his efforts, the Vatican denounced oral contraceptives in 1968, but the 28-day cycle persisted because — fake or not — women were comforted by the idea of monthly bleeding.

This was introduced with a 40-year-old doctor who had been taking the pill without placebos for years.

Anyhow, the more interesting quote is this:

Health experts are predicting that by this time next year, menstruation will no longer be an inevitable function but rather an optional feature, a bit like power steering or pay-per-view.

Yes, the copywriter just compared menstruation to power steering and pay-per-view. Oh, how I want to be a journalist, so I can introduce bland factual writing without this sort of tomfoolery.