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So Sarah and I finished the Firefly season this weekend, and watched Serenity. It was a fun movie, honestly … and in the spirit of the series. On the other hand, there was something totally wrong about the feel of it. Nobody acted the same as they do in the series, voices were different, visual appearances and mannerisms were totally different (especially Kaylee, who wore entirely different styles of clothes) … and just felt wrong.

As an independent adventure, I think they did a great job of making a nice sci fi opera, but as a continuation of the series, it seemed a little off to me. I liked the plot, and the way they stuck it to the alliance with the reavers, but that didn’t really do anything to explain the guys with blue hands, or why River is suddenly “fixed”. On the other hand, I’ve got to admire somebody willing to kill off two of the main characters; that’s a classy move. 7/10.