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Sarah has gotten her rogue to level 60 in warcraft, and I got my warlock to level 60. Pretty slick, eh?

Meanwhile, there’s all sorts of drama in the guild regarding our 6-hour MC runs, and how people want to do trash runs or practice runs after the 6-hour run, and how this screws the east coasters, and how this lottery is pointless when most of the folks are still wearing green gear, and should be working on other high-level instances, and how this screws up the “zero sum” (not at all zero sum, though) DKP, and on an on.

What this all comes back to is that it’s impossible to have a guild that wants to be casual, but also wants to be hardcore. I love being right and I’ll say it again: This approach doesn’t work; you have to pick a path and stick to it. If you have a faction that wants to go balls out every night of the week, it’s going to create resentment in the faction that can maybe spare enough time to raid once a week, and for only the first few hours a that. Further, as soon as you start using pick-ups with your DKP system, you create a world of additional inflation and resentment vectors.