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Pledged: The Secret Life of Soroties was a dull read. This was not because it was devoid of juicy tidbits (I mean, who can get enough reading about “choose which of these five things you will be violated with” sex acts and people being driven into the ocean to their death?). No, it was because when you attend the school with the largest sorority and fraternity system in the nation, none of the details inside come as a particular surprise.

From outside the greek system, the book seems to be an accurate and factual portrayal, exploring the good and bad about greek life. Most of the bad is centered around the common politics, backstabbing, and hassles to greek life, rather than shock drama about hazing rites and date rape. Finishing the text certainly didn’t convince me I was missing out on anything.

Weakening the work is an introduction in which Robbins says that she knows this book pisses a lot of the greek system off, because they don’t read it, and they should give it a try before calling it a work of lies. I could do without that whole diatribe. Further, she focuses on reform and fixing the system at the end of the text, much to my chagrin.

For my personal situation, the whole book was just a dull volume of writing about nothing surprising, along with a little extra color provided by following the lives of a few girls through the system as they inevitably screw up their lives. Big yank. If you didn’t go to a big greek school, this book is probably of much greater use to you. 5/10.