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An update on the vonage situation: “Based on the information supplied to us, we have decided to go ahead and honor your request since you did return the device to us with a Shipping Tracking ID.”

There was some additional verbiage around this such as “we have reached a final conclusion” and so forth. So let me translate this phrase:

“Based on the fact that you have documented third party evidence that we fucked up, we will concede, after two months, that we owe you the money we stole from you, but boy, if you hadn’t had that proof that you were telling the truth, we would have fucked you good and hard!”

So, let me reiterate this for any hopeful vonage customers: Vonage is a poorly managed company with horrific customer service. Without careful attention, they will intentionally charge you unjust fees justified by outright lies, and will prey on the likelihood that you’ll either not follow up or will become too fed up with the process. Avoid at all costs.