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Am safely at UIUC for recruiting, despite the typical round of pattern delays into ORD, made up for by an APU failure in the connecting flight (otherwise I’d not have made it much before midnight). Really, nothing to add to that, save the belligerent guy behind me on the flight from HPN to ORD that became physically and vocally aggressive once he found out the flight was delayed. I’ve gotten past the point that air travel has the ability to make me mad — it’s just a standard part of the experience now. I’m not sure how regular business folks that travel don’t expect pattern delays, crew disqualification, de-icing backups, and equipment failures.

Anyhow, while talking to his wife, the guy was the sweetest chum in the world; you’d never guess he was yelling and cussing up a storm on the plane. Made me think. Not sure I reached any conclusions.