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The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect was an interesting read. It was far more graphic than I’d imagined. That’s not important, but worth mentioning.

The whole self-publishing through lulu thing is really cool. The really uncool bit is that there’s no editing, and the typography of the printed version of the book is horrid. The kerning made my eyes bleed more often than not, with at least one major problem on most pages.

Anyhow, that’s not the point, as it has no bearing on the story itself.

The author certainly had some interesting ideas. Weaving a thoughtful singularity science fiction around the laws of robotics was a clever trick, and provided for some interesting ideas. The idea that, given everything, death, violence, and pain can become some of the only things left of interest is insightful to my thinking. The ending was rather abrupt and the detail after it superfluous, and I could probably do without a graphic incest description. Oh well, at least the author stuck to his guns. I’ve grown rather fond of singularity science fiction of late, and while I’ve read some that confront causality and artificial sentience, I think Williams provides an interesting take on it; it’s a quick enough read that it’s worth giving a shot either way. It needs some editing, and the hardcopy is a little rough around the edges, but despite this I think it’s worth a careful look for the ideas contained within.