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We had a horrid largely-PUG MC run last week. Bad idea. Didn’t work. This week we did it right. Dropped Lucifron first attempt, only dropped a rogue and a hunter.

Dropped magamadar first attempt, lost about half the raid, MT stayed up and no healers dropped. Hot. We don’t even have a dorf priest.

This isn’t exciting for your hardcore guilds, but is the most progress we’ve made into MC, and it was effortless. Downing a couple more bosses wasn’t much of a stretch.

So that’s cool.

Then we all port back to Ironforge to re-enter the raid at the ZI point, and we can’t, because the world server is fucked again. Every night, for a week in a row, the server gets too busy and falls over, kicks people, grinds to a halt, and goes down for several hours. Fucking brilliant. MC was laggy but usable, but the world is dead/down/lagged, so we’re completely SOL. What a waste.