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Sarah did a nice job wrapping up the weekend, so there is little point in my doing so. Without further ado, here are some pictures.

Ben Franklin shit here. Why this had to be preserved for all to see is beyond me.

We took a horse buggy ride around Philly; our driver and horse are in the background.

Bill is a menace:

Krista found some girl scout cookies. Definitely not a menace:

Also not a menace: my wife, who is beautiful.

This little thing was guarding a door all day long. Not very scary, as evidenced by my 8-inch distance:

Beware the emergency tiramisu:

We visited the market. Pig feet rule:

Snouts too!

Who says shopping in the market can’t be athletic:

This was the biggest surprise of the whole trip other than the bar stool district — a store that only sold/made mozarella. It was pretty darn good mozarella:

Also, to be fair, I should post a more flattering picture of Bill.

No idea where we spotted this. Some sort of weird self-gated community urban thing had this to pretend that it wasn’t a crime mecca.