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Yeah, so Chris is in town, and I’ve not really been blogging about any of it to this point. I’ll probably forget most of the detail, though I have a little bit of photographic evidence from the Mystic Aquarium that I will try and put up later. Incidentally, we arrived there at 16:00, and even though they are open until 17:00, they apparently close off the penguins at 15:45. This made me want to cry, because I wanted to see the penguins.

I forget a lot of the intervening time, but we went Skiing at Hunter mountain yesterday. The problem with it, compared to Stratton, is that there was no snow at Hunter. Most of the trails were just grass, and there was maybe an inch of hard pack ice on most of the bunny slopes. This is partially due to it being near end of season and warm, and partially just that Hunter is lower (altitude and latitude) than Stratton. Chris was teaching me how to do parallel turns and how to stop sideways, and that was going well. He suggested that this sort of stuff is easier to practice with more room and slightly elevated speeds, which I do not doubt.

We ended up heading for a slightly longer green slope because we’d done the entire beginner area and skiing on ice is about as fun as skiing on grass.

This put us on another green trail higher up on the hill with better snow (not quite as good as stratton … but much better), and it turned out to be a little tougher than the rest of the green trails we had been on, in that it had some pretty severe slopes (to our skill level) without convenient points to overrun turns if one gets going too fast. Long story short, Sarah ended up getting taken down the hill by a snowmobile and transferred by ambulance to the nearest hospital, which was half an hour away. A lot of time on a plank of wood and a few X-Rays later, she was pronounced healthy (yay!), save some contusions.

So, with that, I think Ski season is done for us until next winter, and that’s ok. We’ll start up again next winter somewhere further north, with some more lessons.