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Chris brought Sin City with him, and we watched that Saturday. I was very impressed with the way in which the pages of the graphic novel were transitioned to the screen. The contrast and dynamic design of the film was fantastic, and the constant juggling of the realistic and fantastic was done expertly. The stories themselves are entertaining, though not particularly insightful or innovative — but I recognize this is not the point. The point is that this is an adaptation of a graphic novel. While I claim no experience with that genre, it seems to me to be an expert transition from one form to another, leaving little room for improvement. As a work of cinema it borders on perfection, but the lack of depth in the stories pulls it down a bit. 8/10.

Good Night, and Good Luck was Monday’s movie, and I thought it was done rather well. I did not (and still do not) know nearly enough about McCarthy to fully understand, though the more I hear him speak, the more I hear echoes of the present day, where terror is the new communism. The acting was done well, though the amount of acting necessary was somewhat limited, as half of the film was artfully re-cut clips, creating a documentary feeling to the film. There were some superfluous elements to the film, such as the “hidden” marriage and some of the details about lay-offs at CBS; while I realize there was an interconnection between the politics supporting the station and the politics within the station, I’m not sure those plot elements added anything in particular to strengthen the film. 7/10.

Bound was our Tuesday film; it was interesting watching this having seen three more films by the Wachowski brothers; one can see the cinematic and stylistic bent developing in Bound, with some beautiful shots (red blood dripping into a huge pool of white paint, for example). The strong masculine yet sensitive female role (eg Trinity) is also developed, which is novel. The early erotic aspect of the film is impressive, but the transition between the early and latter part of the film is extremely crude and abrupt. 6/10.