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A year ago today I started work at my new job, and left the investment bank. I’m glad I made the move, and it’s been an improvement in almost every way.

The few things I still miss:

  • Company-wide IRC network. It’s goofy, but this was very effective for working with a lot of people in an asynchronous manner, and I miss it.
  • The bank’s cafeteria; it was excellent as these things go, and I don’t currently have anything at the same level. I miss metal silverware, plates, and good food.
  • The on-site coffee shop, more for the third place it provided, than for the [awful automated Starbucks] coffee and snacks.
  • On-side dry cleaning. We had on-campus service here, but it went away.
  • On-site incidentals
  • The feeling I got every time I walked on the trading floor.
  • Being able to live in downtown Stamford and walk to work (more an artifact of buying a condo than the job change)

That’s all that comes to mind. There are a lot of things I do miss, but I’ve
written enough about those. I’m happy to report that I still have talented
coworkers, challenging problems, and opportunities to learn new things every
day. It’s refreshing being able to ignore calls from recruiters. If any of
you are talented software engineers and looking for work with C++, good pay,
and reasonable expectations, you know where to find me.