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I put up a string of LED Christmas Lights from Philips in my cube some time in December. Back of the envelope indicates that’s about 3600 hours of continuous operation. At least 5 of the bulbs are completely burned out now, and several are running at reduced intensity.

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, since they’re not rectified (they’re switching on and off 60 times a second as they’re hit with the other side of the waveform; my guess is this is because a rectifier would drive margins down). Between their irritating flicker, high directionality, and a MTBF that’s not that far off from incandescent bulbs, the only advantages I can see are uniqueness nad power savings. Well, I guess they’re a cheap way to harvest a bunch of blue LED’s, rather than buying them in bulk from an electronics supply store.

Maybe Philips’ commercial LED lighting actually rectifies and delivers better reliability, but I’m not impressed with these.