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More soap opera than space opera, Cordelia’s Honor surprised me a bit, because I question how the second novel of the Omnibus, Barrayar, warranted a Hugo Award.

Bujold has been praised for writing female characters that are not mere caricatures, yet the endless match making, relationship counseling, liberal political undertones (and don’t get me wrong, I like liberal political undertones, but I read science fiction to escape and think, not to confront reality), meditation on pregnancy, and the like leave me feeling like I’m working through a cultural anthropology text more than science fiction. Maybe I have too much of a preference for the space opera and scientific scifi subgenres, and not as much a fan of this particular variety.

That said, I’ve read that the real fun starts with the Miles Vorkosigan storyline, so we’ll see how the next book goes before I give up. 6/10.