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From news.com

The Bush administration’s proposal would require commercial Web sites to place “marks and notices” to be devised by the Federal Trade Commission on each sexually explicit page. The definition of sexually explicit broadly covers depictions of everything from sexual intercourse and masturbation to “sadistic abuse” and close-ups of fully clothed genital regions. “I hope that Congress will take up this legislation promptly,” said Gonzales, who gave a speech about child exploitation and the Internet to the federally funded National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. The proposed law is called the Child Pornography and Obscenity Prevention Amendments of 2006.

Yes, an warning image attached to every web page will surely solve the problem of child pornography and exploitation. This makes no sense, but as my patriotic duty, I will now slap this image, in the visually useless style of the surgeon general’s warning (see Tufte’s Visual Explanations) on my site:

For the space-constrained:

Oh yeah, the one-two punch:

During his speech, Gonzales also warned that Internet service providers must begin to retain records of their customers’ activities to aid in future criminal prosecutions