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14:42 PatRichey> you, sir, have a broken internet website
15:18 atubbs> yeah.
15:19 atubbs> yours still works, right?
15:19 PatRichey> yeah
15:19 atubbs> shit.

15:58 PatRichey> write a cat update
15:58 PatRichey> no one cares about your damn paper

To catch y’all up, the box this site (and several others) runs on is hosted at Chris’s house, on his SDSL line. It went offline. Anyhow, I got the post-mortem from CK, fearing the cheap-trash Dell commodity hardware had failed, and that I was in for a bad surprise…

it was the cats.

Cats triggered a switch on a power strip! They’re out to get me! No!

So there, Pat, I’ve written more about cats, and less about my newspaper (which showed up late, but did show up).