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Sarah and I went to Boston to visit Chris, who was in town for a conference.

We decided to give Amtrak a try, just for the different experience. What this meant is that for $250, we got a round trip for to to South boston coach class in a regional train. For another $100-200 we could have done Acela business class, but that would have saved only 20 minutes. The train heading out was on time, musty, and warm, and the one coming back was warm and on time. It came with jerks yelling at their cell phones, babies, small children running around, and all those novelties. It was moderately pleasant not driving around Boston, but I don’t think the rest of it was really worth it. Maybe for going to DC I’d consider Amtrak, but I don’t think I’d do it again for Stamford to Boston.

Once in Boston, it was raining and messy, so we took three T trains to the aquarium. The T works remarkably well, and in comparison to the NYC subway system, is clean, better connected, and seems more regular. On the downside, the beggars are’t as talented, so the accompanying music in the Subway tunnels in Boston is pretty crappy.

Otherwise, we explored things a bit more, saw a movie, ate some food (first time at California Pizza Kitchen and Qdoba), and both were decent; it was a nice little Saturday outing.