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This weekend we went to the King of Prussia mall in King of Prussia, PA. Yeah. I’m with you, don’t worry. It was time for another little trip, and this time a driving adventure (Sarah felt guilty for stuffing me into a train), and we needed some clothes and such. We ended up meeting some friends for lunch, which was fun, but went a little long, and then met another friend for shorter than we might of liked, and then braved 95 traffic back to Connecticut, which turned out to be … somewhat of an adventure. On the upside, it was a fun time, on the downside, didn’t get much shopping done (or see more than about 5% of the mall for that matter). You win some, you lose some, you know?

We’d probably go back again, but we can probably hit 90% of the stores between Greenwhich Ave, The Westchester, and Pallisades, for 10% of the effort. Seeing friends was more worth it, of course (wink it’s time for you folks to come up this way).