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Not that I’ve been writing that much lately (oh, but I’ve wanted to, if only it were professional), but we’re going to be heading to Maine for a bit to visit with some friends and relax away from technology and indoor plumbing1 for a while.

I’ll try and take pictures and notes, and see if indeed a quiet future in rural Maine is what I desire from life.

With luck, we’ll get in some good time outdoors, some grilling, some good photos, good conversation with friends, some smores, and maybe I’ll make some progress on my reading backlog. I’ve been bad again and I’m halfway through a half dozen books, and I think I’m about to make it worse, as well as having a huge stack of New York Times Magazines to read.

1 This is not technically true, since we’ll be staying off-site at a resort that features indoor plumbing, so we’re sort of cheating. But, there’s still no Internet, so it’s a start.